Leisure Alaska – Hey There Mr.

As you probably know by now Scandinavia is an indie pop-making factory. In fact I’d wager that if you climbed to the rooftop of any shopping centre in the region you’d likely to come across some cool haircuts playing the sweetest of audio. Which brings us neatly onto Copenhagen outfit Leisure Alaska, they of the odd CGI video (see link below) and spirited melody. Their album ‘The Deja In My Vu’ may be 3 years old but it certainly has the legs to push the band onto a wider audience (a follow-up is almost in the bag). ‘Hey There Mr.’ could appeal to Interpol fans looking for some light relief, something that loses none of the gravitas but dispenses with the airtight seriousness. A feast for your ears. KD

Leisure Alaska – Hey There Mr.

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Year: 2008

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