Little Teeth – Applegate

Little Teeth
Here’s another interesting proposition from San Francisco that comes complete with a female vocalist, Dannie Murrie, who sounds curiously like Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell. Little Teeth are quite clearly loopy but there’s also a deep intelligence at work. So while Murrie singcreeches the band lurch from one sonic juncture to another with the frequency of a toddler’s bowel movements. It takes some getting used to but the mayhem does finally begin to charm if you are patient. Little Teeth are signed to Absolutely Kosher (also home to Xiu Xiu, ahhh, the penny drops) and their first record together ‘Child Bearing Man’ will be released next month. Run of the mill it ain’t but then again challenging is what we aim for. KD

Little Teeth – Applegate

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Child Bearing Man (next month)
Year: 2008

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