My First Days On Junk – Count Me In, I'm Good To Go

I wasn’t too surprised on hearing this song that it was from a band called My First Days on Junk (you were hardly expecting The Daisy Fields now were you?). The purists may be tempted to scoff aloud and then discard due to its likeness to a chain of bloody Mary Valentine’s but that would be to deny themselves a really pretty tune. You should already know that guitars that fuzz have a knee weakening charm and when they’re topped by a sweet boy/girl interaction it attains an irresistible quality. ‘Count Me In, I’m Good To Go’ is a classic of its kind and is well matched by its siblings on My First Days On Junk’s sophomore ‘No Order’ (out next week). Nope, the wheel is not being reinvented but this should still set your world in motion all the same. KD

My First Days On Junk – Count Me In, I’m Good To Go

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Year: 2008

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  1. August 13, 2008

    hmmm ya know sometimes I just don’t need the wheel, ty! xoxox

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