The Gang – Fits and Shadow Fights

Flip, I really am in love this time with a noisy set of Brooklyn heads. Well, that’s not strictly true as one of them is from rural Iceland, funny that, perhaps it’s that peculiar mix of beings from the high rise and the low lands that makes the Gang such an addictive prospect. ‘Zero Hits’, the collective’s debut record, was primarily put together in a bedroom and what a crazy mix of dynamics those four walls must have witnessed. ‘Zero Hits’ is awash with beauty, not a conventionally pleasing aesthetic it must be said. There is lots of glare you see, the sort you’d expect from a confused yet inspired covers group who don’t quite know if they are going to settle on the Go! Team or the Pixies. That said the Gang are anything but confused, their music may shudder about in a romantically honed tizzy but the hooks are acutely melodic. I can’t stop listening and the neighbours won’t stop banging on my door and screaming to turn it down. Play ‘Fits and Shadow Fights’ loudly and be prepared to let your mind roam freely and your heart swoon openly. KD

The Gang – Fits and Shadow Fights

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Year: 2008

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