Escape Act – Kings Have Fallen

The music industry is in turmoil but rather than sit on their laurels and complain endlessly certain savvy acts are using the so-called paralysing methods of distribution to their advantage. So credit everyone’s favourite pub rockers Oasis for several neat marketing tricks (giving away free sheet music with the NME for one) to plug their newest release. Escape Act are going a step further by giving their whole album ‘Loosely Based On Fiction’ away for free through some hand picked blogs. Yes, folks we’ve arrived – the band have been kind enough to let us post the joyous romp that is the opening track on the album ‘Kings Have Fallen’. Their website will tip you on where you can pick up the remainder of the album and once you’ve done that you’ll probably feel like splashing out on one of a limited run of CD’s that will come with an individually customised booklet. That’s all happening towards the end of next month so you’ve got a bit of time to enjoy the Escape Act blog treasure trail. We’re rather proud of our track ‘Kings Have Fallen’ with its gilded riffs, driving percussion and sprightly vocals (forever reminding me of Mick Jones) which all adds up to a memorable indie anthem.

One of our favourite compilation blogs BoxSetGo have another song from the album called ‘Cabin Fever’, it’s a goodie! KD

Escape Act – Kings Have Fallen

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Year: 2008

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    October 13, 2008

    nice! :)

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