Grantura – Forever September

So much for an Indian summer as the rain cascades from the sky in ever increasing bucketloads. It wasn’t always like this, September always conjures balmy evenings in my head so there must have been sunshine in the 9th month at some stage in recent metrological history. Anyway, I’m sure that’s what London’s Grantura had in mind when they wrote ‘Forever September’ such is its sunny outlook. I hear Teenage Fanclub despite origins that probably are more stateside than northerly. A mandolin being plucked always helps but the vocal melodies provided by several of the sextet makes for a glorious end of summer soundtrack. Grantura’s ‘In Dreams And Other Stories’ is out at the end of the month on Ruffa Lane Records so pretty soon it won’t be just the rain that’s floating your boat. KD

Grantura – Forever September

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Year: 2008

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