Hot Lava – Resolutions '08

I’m not surprised that Hot Lava have played with Videohippos because there are striking similarities. The noise, the mayhem, the utter craft in making it sound so palatable. That said I can’t help feeling that they could just as easily sit with a bunch of Scandinavian’s on the Labrador label. The melody is there in abundance you see but it’s coated in a haze of vocal distortion, throbbing percussion and interjecting noises from outer space. And you can expect more of the same on the band’s debut ‘Lavalogy’ which should be given a full arty workout at their upcoming show with Belfast’s (and hugger loved) Oppenheimer in deepest Virginia. ‘Resolutions ’08’ is a total blast, a Tarantinoesque scene stealer that’ll get under your skin and won’t stop until it has checked into the honeymoon suite of your heart. KD

Hot Lava – Resolutions ’08

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Year: 2008

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