Oliver North Boy Choir – Teenage Lust

As Jesus & Mary Chain songs go it is one of my least favourite from ‘Honey’s Dead’ so much kudos to Oliver North Boy Choir for imagining a thoroughly enjoyable reworking. In essence they’ve swapped the guitars for electro pulses which casts the tune in a different light while keeping the remorseless tone as preached by the Reid’s intact. The song was commissioned by the intriguing Jesus & Mary Chain Covers Project which attempts to take that signature sound and turn it into something altogether different. A difficult task but ONBC overcome the pitfalls to put their own stamp on proceedings. And when they unleash their own creativity they ain’t too shabby either as witnessed by the Stina Nordenstam like ‘Nest Of Terror’. The trio come from Denmark and a couple of them have already appeared on these pages under the guise of epo-555. KD

Oliver North Boy Choir – Teenage Lust

Oliver North Boy Choir – Nest Of Terror

Watch The Video To Sometimes Always Wherein The JAMC Attempt To Sound Happy (Having Hope Sandoval On Your Arm Helps Of Course)

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Year: 2008

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  1. September 23, 2008

    For the danes, Oliver North Boy Choir Dj at Isola(CPH) this thursday :)

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