Screaming Tea Party – Let's Do Not Say Another Word

For all I know this could have been a big hit from a famous rock act I’ve never heard of and Screaming Tea Party are just polishing it up. It just sounds so complete, don’t mind the fuzz and clatter because beneath the distortion lies a genuinely brilliant tune. Could be a ‘Teenage Kicks’ (do you hear it boys and girls?) for the noughties if it’s given the airplay it deserves. The trio are based in London but two-thirds of the group come from Tokyo and they play their instruments as if the cumulative pollution from both cities were deposited on their instruments. It’s dirty, raw and downright lovable once you prefer you melodies laced with a non fatal dose of toxicity. And that’s before we even get into the mixed up song title. KD

Screaming Tea Party – Let’s Do Not Say Another Word

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Year: 2008

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