True Womanhood – The Monk

True Womanhood is the distillation of the type of band I set this blog up to talk about. Fresh, vibrant, as yet unreleased but buoyed by the sort of promise that should see them one day make an impressive break through. Based out of Washington D.C. they have already made inroads on the local circuit. Their demos boast a pleasing variety of styles with Sonic Youth’s influence filtering through on occasion. As such the songs are unconventional but they never forget to include some lovely hooks. They also employ a range of previously underused instruments to get their point across. Can’t imagine the Gallagher Brothers have ever put their grubbies on the subtle curves of the Iron Volcano, the Scythetar or the much cherished (in certain D.C. circles) Tympani. ‘The Monk’ is a lo-fi wonder, full of fey vocals and dutifully languid instrumentation. This is a quartet with a spark, can’t wait for the blaze. KD

True Womanhood – The Monk

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Year: 2008

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