When – Toy Party

Wowsers, how has Lars Pederson slipped through the net given the psychedelic-eyed harmonies to be found all over last year’s completely neglected ‘Trippy Happy’. Pederson operates under the When moniker and much like what he peddles musically it’s a wonder nobody had thought of it before. ‘Trippy Happy’ is awash with nods to the Beatles and all manner of late sixties blissed out pop. For modern contemporaries look no further than Cosmic Rough Riders/Super Furry Animals with a dash of Lemon Jelly thrown in for good measure. But for all the happy go-lucky pop tunes swirling around Lars’ head it’s his experimental electronic dashes that consume me. Like ‘Toy Party’ which is akin to a dark Caribou incarnation with all the attendant genius flourishes that that involves. It’s a bit scattered but I have a really sore finger from pressing the repeat button (metaphorically anyway). Investigate at your leisure or simply wait patiently for the new When album ‘You Are Silent’ which is out before the end of the year. KD

When – Toy Party

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Year: 2007

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