datapuddle – I Risk Losing My Shine (Redux)

Fancy dieting on an album that somehow ends up sounding like Calexico, the Beta Band and believe it or not Noah & The Whale over its twisty turny 11 tracks. I was a little confused, even more so when I a look at their website which is a maze of links to other parts of the internet. Ah, well I’ll put my confusion down to early morning fuzziness and let the music do the talking. ‘MonkeySkyMonkey’ is the bands second digital release and at £3.99 it must go down as one of the year’s best deals. I’m completely enamoured with the exotically tailored instrumental ‘I Risk Losing My Shine (Redux)’ and the gently jangling flicker of ‘Locational Assist’ but there is plenty more to lap up. I love discovering bands like datapuddle, talented individuals producing music that deserves to take up an essential few MB’s on music players everywhere. KD

datapuddle – I Risk Losing My Shine (Redux)

datapuddle – Locational Assist

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Year: 2008

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  1. October 22, 2008

    this is wonderful! love it already and i’m not even all the way through the first song.

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