Junior Jaguar – Morning

You hear people talking about the thrill they used to get on buying a vinyl album as they waited for the needle to drop on the opening track. I must admit I used to get the same feelings, especially so when I was taking a punt on an act I thought I’d like. It’s about 3 years since I bought music on that format (‘Wilderness’ by Sunny Day Sets Fire if you must know) so today I get my kicks from discovering brand new acts on the net. Oh the joy of finding someone genuinely interesting and relatively unknown, an occasion where you have to use whatever critical devices you may have to establish whether something is good or bad. Junior Jaguar fits the bill perfectly. Based in Alaska his tune ‘Morning’ sends shivers down my spine, I loved the instrumentation from the off but the vocals took a little longer to work their magic. In some ways I thought the two didn’t quite fit but that’s what made it all the more enjoyable as the union started to bear fruit. Junior Jaguar is a one-man bedroom project who will be unveiling his debut LP in early 2009 and if ‘Morning’ is indicative of the fare on offer I will be waiting patiently with the needle (or most probably mouse) at the ready. KD

Junior Jaguar – Morning

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Year: 2008

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