Sunbear – Flutterbye

We’ve loved Sunbear for many years so it is a real honour to be able to offer their debut album on our sister site indiecater. Sunbear were a quartet from Dublin who appeared in the wake of shoegaze and adopted much of the genre’s dynamics to create a truly lush sound. They may have been loud but Sunbear never lost their sense of melody, which is all pervasive throughout the album. As there was only ever one thousand copies of ‘Sunbear’ printed it did not cast a very wide net when released in 1994 but now thanks to a different sort of net altogether we are hoping that a wider audience will embrace it. ‘Flutterbye’ is perhaps the most straight forward piece of music on the album, an effervescent dollop of dream pop with ethereal vocals and fluid instrumentation. It’s a lovely taster for what is a gorgeous album. If you like what you hear you should visit indiecater where you can listen to the whole album as many times as you like! KD

Sunbear – Flutterbye

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Year: 1994 & 2008

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