Hush Arbors – Where The Black Bear Hides In The Sky

Ok, this has gone on for quite long enough. I have forgotten the amount of times Hush Arbors have hoved into earshot and I’ve smiled then moved onto something else of less worth. The point I have been consistently missing is that Keith Wood (for he is Hush Arbors) deserves more than scattered listens borne out of rudimentary shuffles. His lo-fi music sounds positively vintage but is about perfect for the moods that frame sunday afternoons or exhausted bodies in general. It’s as if Simon & Garfunkel had taken a break from the studio and their hugely talented lackey had snapped up the opportunity to record his offbeat compositions. The power of Hush Arbors is not immediately obvious but the stream of consciousness that is produced is as tranquil as it is nerve jangling. Hold this back for a special moment or just buy Hush Arbors brand new self titled LP for total immersion. KD

Hush Arbors – Where The Black Bear Hides In The Sky

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Year: 2004 & 2007

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