Villagers – Twenty-Seven Strangers

On the occasion of Cass McCombs awkwardly sublime performance in Whelan’s last weekend those in attendance were also treated to a fresh new band from Dublin called Villagers. There was so many of them (well, 5 anyway) the stage seemed a bit strangled but all that was forgotten when the Conor O’Brien led troupe caught fire. And believe me we are going to be hearing plenty more from this band, their songs are alive with potential and their polished delivery on the night proved that recordings of note can’t be that far away. In the absence of anything concrete I badgered Mr. O’Brien to give us something to feast on until the fireworks are released next year. And back popped this home demo (which will appear in sleeked up fashion down the line) called ‘Twenty-Seven Strangers’. Yikes, if this is what they do in their bedrooms imagine what’ll happen when they get the run of a studio. Talent fills the air, it’s inevitable, this is the start of something cherishable. KD

Villagers – Twenty-Seven Strangers

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Year: 2008

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