Loner Deluxe – Frozen Grass

When I say I could listen to this tune endlessly you’d probably be stumped but then that’s the magic of Loner Deluxe. There has always been a sense of the celestial about them and at this time of year ‘Frozen Grass’ sounds like the most seasonal composition imaginable. Loner Deluxe have consistently specialised in wintry song titles it must be said but ‘Frozen Grass’ readily conjures an image of a country door ajar with the cool night air teasing the wind chimes inside. The circular machinations of this beauty should entrance and if it doesn’t perhaps the drudgery of life has robbed you of your sense of childlike wonder. ‘Frozen Grass’ can be found on the double 3-inch presentation titled ‘Must Not Sleep Must Warn Others/Lost & Found’ on the increasingly brilliant Irish net label Rusted Rail. KD

Loner Deluxe – Frozen Grass

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Year: 2008

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