+- {PlusMinus} – Snowblind

The name is a hindrance of course (an ice-hockey term) but that’s where the obstacles end because +- {PlusMinus} produced one of the outstanding albums of the year in ‘Xs In Your Eyes’. I expect to see it appearing in plenty end of year lists over the next few weeks and if you are still an unbeliever listen to this fragmented beauty. It takes a couple of minutes to fully kick into life (the journey to that point is pretty great it must be said) but what a shot in the arm it truly is. Splintered riffs fly through the air like shrapnel while at the same time James Baluyut shoots from the hip like a man convinced of his own convictions. It hugely impressive stuff, a neat summation of how indie rock can still bring us to our feet. KD

+- {PlusMinus} – Snowblind

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Year: 2008

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