Sissy Wish – DWTS

Bergen is at it again, another stellar act from a part of Norway that seems intent in making the country at least partially as musically attractive as their near neighbours. This time it’s Sissy Wish and this feisty track called ‘DWTS’ (Do What They Say) which should have the likes of Pink admitting she’s a bona fide fraud and finally hanging up her bottle of peroxide. That’s because ‘DWTS’ is exhilarating and bedecked in a safety net of essential mainstreamism, which means it has a steady foot in both camps. This lady (and gentleman) is unsigned, remarkable, would be labels take note (hmmm) is what I say. The track is taken from last year’s ‘Beauties Never Die’, an album that should be nestling on your trying-to-impress-your-mates-with-something-great shelf in the shortest possible time. Karen O, your crown is wobbling. KD

Sissy Wish – DWTS

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Year: 2007

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