Burning Codes – Cloak & Dagger

2009 is upon us and so is the first indiecater record of the year. How’s about that for timing eh? Well, the timing was crucial to be honest because Burning Codes seem particularly suited to soundtracking new beginnings. Boasting clean lines, simple themes and sumptuous instrumentation Paul Archer’s band immediately took a foothold in our affections when we heard them for the first time in early 2007. Since then Burning Codes have appeared on our first compilation and our association with the band is now fully cemented with the digital release of their debut album on Indiecater Records. If you’re not convinced after listening to ‘Cloak & Dagger’ we’ll be surprised because it is quality stuff (but I would say that wouldn’t I). ‘Burning Codes’ is an amazingly simple album but one that consistently moves us in the strangest of ways. KD

Burning Codes – Cloak & Dagger

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Year: 2009

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