Story of Hair – Hondamolly

I’m sure they get plenty of ribbing (!) for the name but it’s hard to be critical of a band whose primary motivation is to fill the world with happy songs. The indie pop smarts of their debut album ‘Cheap Rate’ seemed to have slipped by relatively unnoticed which is a shame given that this country could do with a chirpy soundtrack to drown out the ubiquitous doom-mongers like George Lee. Not sure what ‘Hondamolly’ means (neither does google by the way) but from now on I’ll associate it with a winning tune. ‘Hondamolly’ zips by on a bed of crispy guitars, tasty boy/girl asides and generous helpings of percussion. It’s one of a scatter of highlights from this promising new quartet’s early moves. KD

Story of Hair – Hondamolly

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Year: 2008

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