The Beta Band – Assessment

As much as the guitars at the start may sound like an early U2 move (care to guess) this track from the Beta Band has completely different intentions. It was the opening salvo on the bands third and final album ‘Heroes To Zeros’. As you probably know the Beta Band were not entirely successful but were frequently brilliant (what would ‘High Fidelity’ be without that ‘Dry The Rain’ scene?) which ultimately meant that it was their singles rather than their albums that stole the show. Their brilliance was conceived through an off-kilter approach, which was probably the reason why sometimes the idea just didn’t translate. But, once the groove stuck like on ‘Assessment’ it was hard to deny their genius. KD

The Beta Band – Assessment

Watch Them On High Fidelity

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Year: 2004

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  1. January 11, 2009

    I Couldn’t agree more. Its a pity they broke up. Kudos for the ‘High Fidelity’ reference too.

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