Furniture – Song For A Doberman

For the longest time Furniture’s ‘Brilliant Mind‘ was my favourite song ever. I still remember the thrill of hearing it punctuate the soundtrack to ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Was also bemused by the fact that the drummer seemed to use dried spaghetti for drumsticks on TOTP. In my mind ‘Brilliant Mind’ was how Furniture sounded (I’d heard ‘Love Your Shoes’ once on the radio and was transfixed) and nothing would shake that belief until I randomly heard ‘Song For A Doberman’ recently. Taken from their 1990 album ‘Food, Sex and Paranoia’ it featured the vocals of Sally Still (who went on to become a writer for Melody Maker, along with Furniture frontman Jim Irvin) and showed how accomplished and diverse the London band actually were. And we’ve also got to thank various constituents of the band for both Mojo and Transglobal Underground which they dreamed up in the wake of Furniture’s demise. KD

Furniture – Song For A Doberman

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Year: 1990

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