The Dodo Fightback – Wilderness

I had a friend once who’d return an album if he didn’t like the sound of it. Funny thing was that most shops mostly conceded to his request and gave him a refund. Times have changed a little though and in 2009 it is quite easy to dine out for as long as you care to on really good free music (and legal too!). The Dodo Fightback from London has gone this route and their debut album ‘Into The Wilderness’ is just begging to be downloaded gratis from their website. And it’s really good too, full of spikey jangling guitars and vocals that are neatly buried underneath but still possessing a voice worth hearing. The immediacy of the sound could be put down the bands use of modern and vintage instrument and the fact that most of the tracks were recorded live. ‘Wilderness’ is classic Friday night indie, something that would brighten up one of those ‘Indie Top 20’ comps that used to fill my walkman with such glee all those years ago. Even if they were charging I’m sure no one would be handing back their copy of ‘Into The Wilderness’. KD

The Dodo Fightback – Wilderness

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Year: 2009

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