The Rest – Everything All At Once

Bon Iver went to the woods and much salivation ensued. Bored the pants off me so instead I’ll use the occasion to concentrate on a group called the Rest that did the same thing and came back bearing songs akin to fruit trees heaving with ripe produce. You can hear them on the Ontario band’s upcoming second album called ‘Everyone All At Once’. If you are partial to soulful anthemic indie then this album will fuel your base desires. This is the (almost) title track and dishes the goosebumps with carefree abandonment, slipping in and out of epic grandeur while cosying up to your tender side during the introspective moments. On this evidence Adam Bentley and gang can truly walk on water, they even wrote a song chronicling their experiences. KD

The Rest – Everything All At Once

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Year: 2008

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  1. March 8, 2009

    I feel the same way about Bon Iver. I’m listening to the song you’ve posted right now and am intrigued. thanks.

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