Venice Is Sinking – Iron Range

Venice is Sinking have gone and done it again and crafted a record of deep emotional resonance. It’s called ‘Azar’ (out March 30th, thanks Daniel for letting us post this song) and has been incubating for a couple of the years (their debut ‘Sorry About The Flowers’ came out in 2006). The one thing that struck me about the record was how instrumental it sounded. Even when the gorgeous vocals appear they seamlessly slot into the slowly forming quilt of foraging soundscapes. As you’d expect from VIS there are moments of heart stopping beauty like ‘Wetlands Dancehall’, ‘Young Master Sunshine’ and ‘Iron Range’. The latter is completely devastating, I listen and it feels like someone has run a tiny sprinkle of freezing water down my back and for some reason my head responds by pulsing in the weirdest of ways. This level of artistry doesn’t come from endless practise; this is the work of a group of individuals destined to make grown men cry. If this blog gave ratings then ‘Azar’ would probably be awarded a perfect 10. On this sort of form Venice Is Sinking have the potential to become the best ever band to emerge from Athens, Georgia. KD

Venice Is Sinking – Iron Range

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Year: 2009

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  1. March 18, 2009

    Their track from the Christmas compilation “The Grey Line” was fantastic. It just popped up on my mp3 player yesterday and I felt bad listening to what is supposed to be a Christmas song while strolling through sunny Dublin on Paddy’s Day, but it’s too good to skip.I’m glad this album is coming out now, I look forward to listening to them without seasonal guilt now.

  2. March 18, 2009

    They’re an all year round pleasure and I have to say I’ve been taking in ‘They Grey Line’ many times myself since December. The new album is superb, know you are going to love it.

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