Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader

Considering it’s not officially released until next month it seems incongruous that there is so much chatter about its brilliance. And despite registering its title ‘Veckatimest’ on several dozen occasions I have yet to verbalise it. Awkward it might be but the goods within are sumptuous. They do take some time mind to work their magic. As a piece of work it is probably more consistent than ‘Yellow House’, even if it lacks one or two of that albums killer tunes. ‘Veckatimest’ strikes me as the sound of an evening breeze negotiating a series of winding coastal caves. The wispy currents appear constructed in random order yet at periodic intervals the vocal wallowing and tugged instrumentation form patterns of genuine beauty. Never is this more evident than on the primer ‘Cheerleader’ which while initially underwhelming builds its own magnetic head of steam. The bass tugs are primeval but they form the spine to an orchestration that lacks strings. Voices mingle, disperse, reform and linger and the air is thick with creation. And in the process ‘Veckatimest’ becomes a desert island disc. KD

Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader

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Year: 2009

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