Primal Scream – Don't Fight It, Feel It

And so it came to pass that after 14 months of contined door knocking (on the same one) we finally scooped the residence of our dreams. For a man and woman who can scarcely change a bulb between them the renovations will amount to an obscene learning curve but the rewards include not having to circumnavigate clothes mountains and shoe cities on the way to relieving oneself. The city centre will no longer embrace us to her bosom and instead we shall take those subtle yet vital decisions that make getting to know ones suburban neighbours an improbability. It’ll be a pleasant change to own a square yard of living nature too and I’m sure we’ll treasure those springtime dalliances involving garden appliances. It’s time to grow up and more importantly it’s time to offer up a bed instead of cold floorage for weekenders. Negotiations are progressing well too re freeing up space for a music room to contain me during blogging related activity. Ah, life is good but builders as I am slowly going to learn over the next few months are not in the least bit. KD

Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It

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Year: 1991

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  1. April 26, 2009

    Congrats on your new home!!! And what a fitting band to celebrate with: you embark on a new project and they re-embark on their old one :)

    wishing you the best of luck and perseverance, xoxo

  2. April 26, 2009

    Thanks so much Tart. I feel grey hairs coming on!

  3. April 27, 2009

    new gaff??? you should be higher than the motherfuckin sun!

    Managed to bag that Two Door Cinema Club on seven inch last week. Its a pop classic already. The b-side is very good too.

  4. April 27, 2009

    Yeah, I will be once I slip inside that house. With you on that track, brillo padtastic.

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