The Phantom Band – Folksong Oblivion

It’s funny I had been away from this song for over 2 months and coming back now I realise how much I have missed it. For some peculiar reason it also feels like it has been with me for much longer, already brandishing that feel of a classic. Some background, the Phantom Band are from Glasgow and their debut album ‘Checkmate Savage’ is a slightly impenetrable delight. There’s magic in them thar grooves but it takes a little persistence to sieve them out. A good weekend should do the trick and what a memorable couple of days it should prove to be. I mean where else would you find a track that takes the (admittedly ace) music from a Crocodile Dundee chase scene and turns it into something dark and contemporary. The dense layers will undoubtedly turn as many away as it infiltrates but that’s what sets this band apart from 99% of the guff. KD

The Phantom Band – Folksong Oblivion

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Year: 2009

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