The Unbelievable Truth – Solved

Must be tough being Thom Yorke’s brother, for one you’d probably have to put up with his incessant experimentation. Could be enough to make one lose all love for music especially as the ideas begin to falter. As it goes, Andy Yorke has a tidy collection of tunes to his own name even if the Unbelievable Truth seem to have disappeared into the ether (he has since gone solo). ‘Solved’ was a single from way back in 1998 and revealed the frontman’s talent for understatedness. On first impression the song may seem like a simple and effective effort but it is also extremely well crafted. The split momentum is classy but not overbearing enough to drown out Yorke’s deeply vulnerable vocals. KD

The Unbelievable Truth – Solved

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Year: 1998

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  1. April 30, 2009

    Jaysus, forgot all about these punters, it’s all coming back now though – ‘higher than reason’ as single of the week on that ill-fated evening version of ‘up for it’ with eddie temple morris and a generally well recieved debut record. Decent band.

    Definitely better than Puressence (remember them???) anyway…

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