Little Glitches – 123

The biggest reward of this music blogging lark is the joy of discovery. The moment when you realise that the 5mb file lighting up your earphones will be a companion for years to come. If it weren’t for the nightly trawl these gems would likely never have hoved into view so the incentive to carry on never flags. Can play havoc with life beyond the blog but them’s the breaks I guess. ‘123’ is what is steaming up my thick-rimmed this evening and it comes via a free download. So what if they are charging for their radio service now and at the same time dishing out precious data to record labels that want to put you in jail. I still have a soft spot for the audio compilers, sometimes I like to be able to find out what I was listening to on March 15th 2007. ‘123’ is taken from the ‘January’ EP released by Sheffield’s Little Glitches and proves to be a lo-fi gem. Could’ve been recorded on the bus such is its ruggedness but there’s no denying it’s classic bent and intention to reach beyond the stale and sticky carpet of indie ordinariness. Buy her some flowers, stick this tune on and that online affair will soon evaporate as quickly as a myspace friend. KD

Little Glitches – 123

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Year: 2009

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