Super Extra Bonus Party – Mark Hughes Top Corner

It took everyone by surprise when SEBP scooped the Choice Music Prize last year. Must say I was delighted to see such an eclectic set of monkeys take the laurels especially since in ‘Softly’, ‘Propeller’ and ‘Mushie Shake’ they had created a trio of genuine nuggets. Seems the victory poked fingers in several influential eyes however and the SEBP backlash wasn’t long in coming. Nor was the follow up as it happens and in keeping with the current trend for including night in Irish album titles (‘The Nightsaver’ / ‘Nightcycles’) ‘Night Horses’ duly arrived earlier this month. ‘Night Horses’ may be an altogether more even album than it’s predecessor but it fails to land as many highlights. Both ‘Sonoro’ and ‘Comets’ have flashes of brilliance (interestingly both are fronted by up and coming female Irish artists) but only ‘Mark Hughes Top Corner’ has the wherewithal to be still notching up plays at the final whistle. So SEBP have managed to hit the crossbar twice and only time will tell whether their third effort will come packaged with that vital spark(y). KD

Super Extra Bonus Party – Mark Hughes Top Corner

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Year: 2009

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