The Chasms – I Couldn't Walk

This’ll put hair on your balls. 10 minutes plus of hazy chord drone, momentum slowly building from thought processes that don’t stray too far from the initial bombardment. It’s as if some luftwaffe scrappage was melted down and recast into Richard Quirk’s guitar such is the racket that emerges. The Chasms don’t really do short blasts as most of the cuts from their debut album extend well beyond the 5 minute mark. So you’re left with buildings of noise, the walls shake but who cares when there’s a nuclear winter going on outside. The 3-piece Isle of Man outfit are not only giving their ‘Advance Paranoia, Advance’ album away as a free download but you can also pick up their CD for gratis too (donations are welcome mind). Could be the best money you never spent. KD

The Chasms – I Couldn’t Walk

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Year: 2009

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