Alligators – If You Want To

Although dressed in slightly 70’s MOR ‘If You Want To’ still manages to sound totally delicious. It’s taken from Seattle based 5-piece Alligators self-released debut ‘Piggy & Cups’ from last year. This is so assured, boasting pristine production and melodies that flow voluminously throughout. In fact anyone with half an ear in their head would have to admit that daytime radio would be worth listening to if songs of this ilk were given the airplay they deserve. And what an army of listeners it could engage such are its smooth contours and soft detours. You can probably tell I am enamoured and you’d be right, my advice would be for you to snap up the Alligators’ record as soon as possible. KD

Alligators – If You Want To

Watch The Video To Where Does It Hide

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Year: 2008

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  1. June 8, 2009

    So true about the radio…
    Wow, that’s 5 minutes stuffed with goodness.

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