Desolation Wilderness – No Tomorrow

For sheer slovenly dispatched indie it’s hard to beat Desolation Wilderness. I am being dripped fed their glorious languidness via Jeremy from the Very Most (he being the purveyor of sounds at the opposite end of the indie spectrum ““ bright and cheery in other words – not saying this song doesn’t cheer me up mind). ‘No Tomorrow’ makes me want to be 15 years younger, get roaringly drunk and create a mini scene where nobody gets hurt except I wake up the following day with my head in my hands at the sheer embarrassment of it all. To add to the sense of nostalgia ‘No Tomorrow’ is currently only available (if you discount those pesky mp3s) as a 7-inch vinyl release. The band have a new album out in August to be called ‘New Universe’ ““ should open up a whole new world of sound for us all. KD

Desolation Wilderness – No Tomorrow

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Year: 2009

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