Margaret Healy – Tick-Tock

Ireland are playing later so my normal routine goes out the window as flash panic attacks can strike at any time. And that’s before the game even starts. Trap has balanced us up a bit but I don’t think I’ve witnessed a game from the Boys in Green for many years that has had a comfortable finish. We’re either hanging on by our fingertips waiting for the last minute calamitous concession of a goal or else wishing the ref will be adding 5 minutes at the end to reward our graceful long ball tactics. Seconds feel like minutes, minutes feel like seconds depending on which way the game is going. Oh what we’d give for a comfortable 2 nil win this evening. No wonder we drink so much. It’s at times like this that I need a comfort blanket and today it comes via Margaret Healy’s cuddly ‘Tick-Tock’ composition. It’s taken from her just released second album ‘Girls, Boys & Clockwork Toys’ and has picked up lots of airplay on RTE Radio 1. It’s easy listening no doubt but it doesn’t reach for the clichés that songs of its ilk so often do. Means her gig in Whelan’s on July 5th should be one to look forward to. KD

Margaret Healy – Tick-Tock

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Year: 2009

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