MC Tunes v 808 State – Tunes Splits The Atom

Some earlier chat about retro gaming really got me on a nostalgia buzz and as I had this in reserve for such occassions I thought I’d give it a whirl. You know the bass turn from the meltdown on ‘I Am The Resurrection’ and can’t you just imagine good old Mani making like it was 1990. Guess the whole world has gone a bit rose tinted at the moment given MJ’s demise so ‘Tunes Split The Atom’ may not be so outta place. Mr Tunes started out as Nicholas William Dennis Hodgson (no less) and saw some chart action between several bouts with 808 State. ‘Tune Splits The Atom’ is horribly ancient but for those of a similiar vintage it’s also about as satisfying as wiping out a complete squadron of Galaxian invaders. KD

MC Tunes v 808 State – Tunes Splits The Atom

Watch A Performance on THE WORD!

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Year: 1990

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  1. June 26, 2009

    If only I had an Atari game that sounded this good.

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