St. Etienne – Mario's Cafe

Of course it would have made a lot more sense to feature ‘Join Our Club’ from the same band but few of their disco flecked ditties can compare to ‘So Tough’s opening track ‘Mario’s Café’. Much of that 1993 album set its fluffy melodies on a bedrock of Balearic beats. I remember been slightly startled at that time at this turn of event. They remain a very underrated act. ‘Join Our Club’ is exactly what we’d like you to do as the Indiecater Club opened it’s door for business today. The plan is simple, a small outlay and 5 future releases from our label will be sent directly to your inbox on the day they come out. You can read more about it here, as Ms Cracknell so eloquently sang herself ‘We all want to kiss the sky, join our club, we’re going to try’. KD

St. Etienne – Mario’s Cafe

Watch The Video To A Live Performance

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Year: 1993

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