Brown Recluse Sings – Contour and Context

Not only is this a cool indie pop jamboree but it was also ingeniously released via the Dead Format label whose roster consists solely of albums put out on cassette tape (what a strange time for the music industry but give me tape over CD any day, hey you, it isn’t rendered totally useless if you don’t like the recording, just stick some balled up paper in its ears and hey presto you have the raw materials for a great mixtape). Anyway, back to the spider lovers and their ‘Contour and Context’ composition. Stuff like this will block up my shelves, hard drive and ear canals until I croak it such is its happy disposition, simple yet tuneful melodies and just the right amount of brass to round things off. [P.S. Most of the above is true]. KD

Brown Recluse Sings – Contour and Context

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Year: 2009

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