The Groove Farm – I Don't Blame You

You can’t beat a good riff, especially one that is bolstered by some old-fashioned vinyl crackle. And this is the genuine C86 sound, namely a pristine tune recorded for around 4p. The Groove Farm were from Bristol and were pretty partial to the DIY ethic, when a label did come a calling trouble ensued so they soon returned to base. It all happened long ago, when fanzines and flexi discs were often the most exciting diversions for indie boys and girls. But, now we have the web and bands like the Groove Farm must cry a tiny tear seeing what they could have achieved on such meagre budgets. Music never dies boys, you may not make any sheckles at this stage but you’ve managed to brighten up plenty Saturday mornings. KD

The Groove Farm – I Don’t Blame You

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Year: 1988ish

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