Black Hand Laser Band – The Witching Hour

Ok, this is more than a little odd (I’ll stop short of saying it is scary even if it is the scariest night of the year); a band in 2009 without a website or a myspace page. Yep, despite at least 8 seconds scouring google for all its worth it appears as if the Wales’ Black Hand Laser Band are cyber virgins. It’s as if someone in authority had told them it was the psychedelic sixties and info that resides on non-geographically defined locations was only for those with mind-altering tendencies. The lack of info although mildly annoying hardly detracts from the vast open sound of ‘The Open Hour’. Right from Dracula’s organ to the beautifully paced BJM momentum Black Hand Laser Band display enough creativity to have their very own wiki page assembled in their honour some time soon. Be ghoul. KD

Black Hand Laser Band – The Witching Hour

More Info: A Tiny Severed Pinky Worth Of Info

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  1. December 7, 2009

    Been following these guys for a while now. I tend to spend hours of time on searching for cool but different music.

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