The Subjects – Winter Vacation

Crikey, it must be at least 2 weeks since we’ve had a Brooklyn band on here. How feckin’ remiss of me, apologies to the epicentre of cooldom, I shall try and rectify the error of my ways by introducing the Subjects to you all. ‘Winter Vacation’ (appearing appropriately enough on the darkest Monday in Ireland for yonks) is a tropical delight, feature an off-centre shuffle and all manner of colourful moving parts. It’s taken from the band’s latest EP (‘New Soft Shoe’) and is certain to be propping up the bar in our Top 42 songs of the year (appearing here in a few weeks). The Subjects are most probably so called because they were once 2 teachers and 2 students (at the same time) who decided the chemistry was sufficient to form an indie pop engine. Their instincts were sound as ‘Winter Vacation’ is perfection. KD

The Subjects – Winter Vacation

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Year: 2009

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