Idlewild – Idea Track

Idlewild used to be very loud, they also used to be very good. At least until commerciality (as opposed to Roseability) stole their imagination and mushed it into a digestible-for-mass-consumption pulp. Along with ‘Is This It?’, ‘100 Broken Windows’ (the bands sophomore) soundtracked our 15 month trip around the world. The former for that most obvious of reasons, it being the incessant torrent of incandescent tuneage. ‘100 Broken Windows’ had a different tact, its huge swathes of violent guitar noise were on the closer inspection home to the cuddliest of sweet melodies. They were there on every tune, hidden in the crevices, extending a soft welcoming embrace. We were smitten which makes their later defunct works so utterly objectionable. A great band which took the carrot and completely lost their sight, what they’d give for a one idea track now. KD

Idlewild – Idea Track

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Year: 2000

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