The Dirty 9s – Lucy Opus

I seem to remember JJ72 taking some flack from certain quarters for having that slow/fast dynamic and a lead singer with a voice that could manage a decent falsetto. In other words they had deviated from the staple configuration that had fuelled Irish bands for generations. Let’s hope we have all moved on from that and the Dirty 9s are acclaimed for the bright sparks that they are. ‘Lucky Opus’, their first ever single, is released this Friday and what a luminous nugget it turns out to be. And for all that it starts off quite underwhelmingly but the early lull is quickly replaced by a warhead fuelled by raging guitars/vocals. Whelan’s, prepare for the inevitable invasion of Dirty 9s t-shirt wearing kids with the moshpit on their minds. November swimmers choosing to do it freestyle. KD

The Dirty 9s – Lucy Opus

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Year: 2009

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