The Candy Claws Tour Bus Rolls Into Town

Feel kinda overjoyed that the album that has touched me the most in 2009 has also found it’s home on Indiecater. ‘In The Dream of The Sea Life’ has embedded it’s intricate delights on my psyche to the same degree as ‘Giant Steps’, ‘Loveless’, ‘Funeral’, ‘The Stone Roses’ and ‘Screamadelica’. It is a staggeringly consistent joy, a rare work where each piece of woozy electronica and dreamy vocal plays a pivotal role. Due to a long list of reasons Candy Claws haven’t been able to tour to support the album but they’ve dreamed up a winning alternative. For several weeks now the Fort Collins twosome have been popping up on blogs scattered all around the world as part of the first (we think) online tour ever. Tonight the tour bus is parked outside our very own underground bolt in huggerland. The presentation is an exclusive video of ‘Island Grows’ which you can also download in mp3 format below.

Ryan from the band has more details about the tour and this video.

“Good evening, Huggerland! We finally made it, through storms and off the edge of the world! Here is Day 17 of our virtual world tour for “In the Dream of the Sea Life,” released by your very own Indiecater Records. The song in the video is Island Grows, and in the footage you will see the lovely trees (both palm and fern) of Bucerias. We did a fancy chroma key through the branches to add interest and effect. Will it last forever?

You can stream the entire album, read reviews, and pick up a copy (digital or physical) at Indiecater. Visit our blog to catch up on the tour and see a full list of dates and links. Tomorrow we’re off to Gopher Illustrated in Venezuela! Thanks for watching, see you soon!”

Candy Claws – Island Grows

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