Sunbear – Somebody Change The Season

When the band found this song amongst the dust of a decades old master tape the memories came flooding back. Little band from Dublin on the cusp of something big, major’s knocking down their door, big name producer in the studio doing his thing with their magical creations. But like so many almost could have beens before them things ultimately fell apart. ‘Somebody Change The Season’ hurts more than most, despite sounding to these ears like recovered bullion it pains Sunbear’s 4 players. Apparently the big name turned out to be a big so-and-so and amongst the fallout gems like this lay undiscovered. It took the bright endeavour of one of the 4 to make the MBVesque sweetness see the light of day. For students of shoegaze it’s an exercise in hearing it from the masters. As you’d expect I still haven’t stopped salivating. KD

Sunbear – Somebody Change The Season

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Year: 1994/1996/2009

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  1. January 17, 2010

    That these guys weren’t huge is a travesty. They are easily in my top 5 shoegaze bands ever.

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