Tears Run Rings – Forgotten

No its not another of the seemingly endless artefacts culled from the Slowdive locker, ‘Forgotten’ is in fact something from 2010. It might not be precisely how the song will sound on Tears Run Rings soon to be released second album ‘Distance’ but it’s close. This is a demo and has the scratch marks to prove it but for those still hung up on shoegaze this is exhilarating stuff. Can’t beat the white noise din and background vocal hum of that particular genre and ‘Forgotten’ recreates it with undoubted elegance. The 4 parts that make TRR a whole live in different cities throughout the US helping no doubt to create the sense of isolation that their sound so craves. If you’re 20 this may all mean nothing to you, if you’re twice that you’ll probably be in a crumpled heap at this moment just like me. KD

Tears Run Rings – Forgotten

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Year: 2010

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  1. February 17, 2010

    Wild indeed how music can take you back K.

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