The Ambience Affair – Lost At The Start

Enter the underground seam that has been tunnelled so expertly by the Ambience Affair. A space so vivid in its use of space, acoustics and imagination but one where the prevailing sense is of love’s scorn. The feeling that things should have been so perfect but somehow ended up less so. It’s hard to imagine how any of us mere mortals could etch the sonic for such a drama but in the hands of Jamie and Marc it becomes effortless. ‘Lost At The Start’ is the most startling track from their second EP ‘Patterns’ which has just be digitally released on our very own label Indiecater. The band are growing and fragile things are beginning to sound altogether more muscular. They’ll leave the comfort of the seam soon and all the world will have no choice but to cave in to their charms.KD

The Ambience Affair – Lost At The Start

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Year: 2010

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