The Nightgowns – Buoy

Utterly ridiculous name for a band that I shall use to taunt my friends at the exact point they usually ask me why I only go for bands with ridiculous names. The tried and tested conversation continues when I tell them that I tend to listen to the music before making up my mind, don’t care if they’re monikered with something along the lines of The Small and Big Hand of the Clock Held Hands and Fell In Love. Labels are only cosmetic anyway, it’s what’s contained within that counts. And in the case of the Nightgowns, the forbidden fruit is totally voluptuous. Untie the oft used indie tricks that line the shell of this tune and standing before you is an utterly purdy song. The Washington 4-piece really know how to coin a come to bed and make love to me sound for those hung up on alternative sonic stylings. KD

The Nightgowns – Buoy

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Year: 2009

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  1. February 11, 2010

    good one, thanx! ;)*

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