Adrian Crowley – The Wishing Seat

Organising anything in this country is generally a recipe for thanklessness. Once you get past the begrudgers and naysayers you’ve got to deal with a whole heap of apathy. I’ve limited experience of the subject but my toes are unlikely to dip into said murky waters until I at least grow some balls. So I have genuine respect for the folks behind the Choice Music Awards. What it lacks in a clear mission statement it more than makes up in pushing a clutch of near unknowns towards that fabled spotlight. And the award has certainly stepped up to the plate the last 2 years as Jape and this year’s winner Adrian Crowley were deserving winners. The 10 grand prize money should keep the latter in fisherman caps for the foreseeable future but if ever a singer deserved some recognition it is he. Despite a string of wonderful albums Crowley’s profile at home is virtually non-existent and this in a country that affords legendary status to a never-ending list of workaday troubadours. The Barna man has a cushion soft vocal delivery and the atmospheric musicianship makes a combination that can often be heartbreaking. ‘Season of The Sparks’ may not be his best work but it supplies all the necessary Crowley moments to ensure you’ll delve further. Here’s ‘The Wishing Seat’, cheer up now. KD

Adrian Crowley – The Wishing Seat

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Year: 2009

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  1. March 11, 2010

    You couldn’t be more right! Season of the Sparks is a gorgeous album and I hope it goes some way to rectifying the lack of hype surrounding Adrian Crowley in this country. I am astounded at the lack of recognition he has received here, both in terms of media and commercial sales.
    Hopefully the Choice Prize will continue to bring more deserving artists to the fore in the future; I’m thinking Patrick Kelleher, At Last an Atlas and James Vincent McMorrow at the very least!

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